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VAD Info Solutions Pvt Ltd has emerged into advertisement industry to provide a unique style of advertisement.   Considering all the probabilities, VAD introduces a unique style of advertisement and we propose, we advertise for you. This unique style is the future style of advertisement, which is set to be cost effective for a global advertisement. Moreover, this style of advertisement also involves tremendous promotion to worldwide countries according to the choice of the customer.
In our advanced world of technology, there are many things which are yet to be made better. VAD took more than 2years to implement this project in a better way, but still working harder and harder to make this unique style of advertisement the best.   This type of advertisement will surely familiarize the name of the company, the product, as this is an opportunity for the company to advertise the product and the BRAND.
This style of advertisement will also help the people to know more the product manufactured by and in the name of. This will create an identity for the product in the worldwide market. Therefore we call it V-AD a gateway to global advertisement.   VAD Info Solutions Pvt Ltd also involves the best opportunity to the public to more revenue on a consistent basis, providing them with the necessary materials such as brochures, forms, information, pen drives with videos uploaded. The stimulant is 15% per posting of a promotional advertisement. This offer is also available for introducing on a new associate. V-AD collects a charge of Rs.6000.00 per annum per associate, to provide them with n number of brochures and forms, besides the consistent revenue will be for their lifetime upon renewal of every customer. Furthermore offers no incentive upon renewal of an associate. VAD invites public to join hands with our group as associates to earn this consistent revenue. Every part of this site is via safe browsing technology.
In order to encourage the associates, VAD Info Solutions Pvt Ltd offer the unexcelled additional bonus package ever offered in the industry for the first 03 toppers in the associate group. The unexcelled bonus package is additional to their commission offered, may be in the form of cash, prize, gift, voucher etc.   This site is well organized with various other striking features such as News post, Enquiries, Associate toppers, Testimonials. These features are solely free, out of which Enquiries are available only for the promotional customers. But Posting of an enquiry is absolutely at no cost. News post is one of the salient feature set free to everyone to post the news happened surrounding them. Even the promotional customers can post their corporate meetings with images, which will be circulated to every promotional customer worldwide.   Testimonials and Enquiries are also set free of cost to post their views and requirements, on which enquiries will be distributed to all promotional customers only. All the above details and information will be published in our website later in our yearly magazine which will also be distributed to every promotional customer at free of cost.
V-AD Info Solutions Pvt ltd takes this opportunity to thank one and all reading this information.
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