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It’s the time to feel the innovative style of advertising a product globally and moreover at cost effective level of investment.  This mode of advertisement helps the end user to contact the manufacturer or the trader to interact directly for better benefits of both the customer and the end user.

The end user will always have an opportunity towards trust on the product and the trader to refer any queries directly to the manufacturer or to the trader.  The product is globally advertised which helps the manufacturer to get notified in worldwide countries.  This website has a unique style to advertise the complete information of the product and the manufacturer or the trader. A simplified form of images and video url is also provided here to view and know more about the product.

Every manufacturer or the trader can avail this opportunity at a low cost advertising for 2 months, 6 months or one year.  The vision of this innovative style is to fix the awareness of a product in the public.  This style has a very good potentiality for a upcoming new product or for a product to increase its sales.

If you need to advertise your product here, just post your advertisement under  Free Ad --  Advertise your product and fill the required information.  Admin department will verify your product and the details and publish your advertisement within 24 hours of time.      



If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at     gen@v-ad.org or call us as +91 73970 44424.  Thank you.