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What are all the benefits in V-AD

Please view our benefits tab to get more information about major benefitsthesit benefits


How to post enquiries

Posting an enquiry is very simple with no charges involved.  An individual or a company can post their enquiries, which will be circulated to all promotional customers of V-AD.  The proceedure is very simple, just Sign up - Sign in - Click on Post Enquiries (You find Post Enquiries at the bottom of the home page) and post your enquiries.

admin department.


How to view enquiries

Only promotional customers have the option to view enquiries.  


What is the main duty of an associate

The main duty of an associate is to contact customers and make them to take the benefits of V-AD..  In other words, Contact customer to join hands with V-AD as PROMOTIONAL CUSTOMER.  Also invite other associate to join V-AD.


What are all the benefits that an associate can earn

The benefits are huge to an associate.  Refer to the scale of income from ASSOCIATE TAB.  The Scale of income is consistent upon renewal of their customer every year subject to renewal of associate membership.


How much is the revenue, an associate can earn per month

There is no limitation for an associate.  Associate can earn more and more increasing their customers list under PROMOTIONAL Ad.  More over, You can check VAD Notification to know the bonus offered by V-AD for associates.  This may change from time to time.  The First 03 toppers will always takes the benefits additional to their incentive scale of income.


What are the modes to contact customer under V-AD? Is the cost under promotional listing is cheaper

Unlike other sites or other modes of advertisement, the cost of the promotional advertisement is very nominal and cost effective for global advertisement. You can contact customers by means of email, blogs, social media etc.


What are the ways to make payment to V-AD

V-AD provides 03 types of payment such as PAYPAL, PAYMENT GATEWAY [CC AVENUE] and one more option called OTHER PAYMENT (for cheque, wire transfer and other means of payment)  If you select other payment, pls POST AD YOUR DETAILS, and write to us at gen@v-ad.org with your payment confirmation details.  V-AD admin departmet will very your payment and your information and publish your AD accordingly.


How will an associate receive his payment

Associate will receive their payment direct to their bank account in India or to their PayPal account



When will an associate receive the payment of his commission

The associate gets their earnings on every 16th of the following calendar month subject to approval of the promotional customer AD published.


Who can become an associate what is the eligibility

Any individual above 18 years are eligible to become an associate with V-AD.


How to contact in case of any clarification towards registration

You can contact us by email at gen@v-ad.org or adm@v-ad.org


I become an associate with V-AD. , Now I would like to quit! Will be able to receive the refund of the payment, to become an Associate member of V-AD

V-AD collects a nominal fee per annum towards registration and provides all benefits.  Hence cancellation or refund is not entertained at any point of time.


Will the customer be benefited once he is enrolled under promotional listing?

The customer will be more benefited under promotional listing, as V-AD promotes the customers to the choice of country and category,  please refer the benefit tab for more details.