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www.v-ad.org is one of the major B2B advertising sites, towards promotion of products and its company to the worldwide market. This platform is designed in such a way that it reaches all categories of business according to the needs of the customer’s requirements. V-AD provides you with lots and lots of benefits once you become a registered customer with V-Ad

The Major benefits are


  1. Advertisement of your company and your products to world-wide countries
  2. B2B Advertisement
  3. B2B Promotion
  4. Information and portal services
  5. V-AD also promotes your company and your products to countries you opt for and categories you select
  6. Single page for every registered promotional customer
  7. Individual user id and password will be provided, as the customer under promotion listing can alter their product image as per their choice at any point of time
  8. V-AD is very effective when compared to all other modes ofAdvertisement
  9. Facebook auto publish
  10. V-AD reaches all categories of business
  11. It’s cost effective towards global advertisement
  12. V-AD assures you a better growth of your business
  13. Advertisement of the company and its products in our yearly magazine
  14. Circulation of Magazine to all the registered customers under Business listing
  15. No necessity of creating a website, as we provide them with a separate page for every single customer to contact them directly.
  16. Promotional benefits to promotional customers
  17. huge benefits to associates consistently



The above benefits are subject to Standard terms & conditions of V-AD info solutions Pvt Ltd.,