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V- AD is one of the major B2B advertising site, working for the promotion of companies and their products in the worldwide market.  This platform is designed to cater to all categories of business according to the need of the customer’s requirements.

The main objective of V-AD is to popularize the product of a company or only the company by means of advertisement and promotion.  Understand the basic requirement of business, our experts focus on facilitating an easier and quicker method of advertisement, which would be cost effective and convenient with a complete solution for every industry in one place.  This ensures the advertising of their brand or their logo to worldwide industries.

The customer, whoever fills up the questionnaire, should provide correct information, which would enable the site to advertise automatic, as it is being designed in auto mode.  V-AD site is well planned taking every detail into account, all the probabilities into consideration, understanding the concepts of a businessman towards promoting his product or his business activities.  Our site also gives  a separate location  for every customer under the promotional category, providing easy access to every buyer, importer, exporter, trader, individual, manufacturer, supplier etc.,  V- AD Provides free enquiries, by email to all promotional customers from time to time, and the same can also be viewed by the registered promotional customers from the site.

V-AD also provides an user id and password for every customer under promotional category with a choice to modify or to replace the product and its specifications accordingly.  Here the customer has to preserve the user id and its password.  V-AD will cross check the replacement and replace product photos accordingly.

Simple Steps to make your business  more active in every corner of the world.“ POST YOUR AD ”

We  believe that every business man, whether  small or big, needs to advertise his / her company or the product or his herservices, needs to contact more number of people.  V-AD services make this possible  on one common platform, advertise their company and the products at the lower cost effectively, a wide range of solutions to all categories across the global market providing portal services to all V-AD customers under promotional category.   Here again, we give one stop solution, not only nation wise,  its Global.

In this way, the customers will have an option to choose their requirements.  We ensure that this method of advertising will take more contacts to your list, and provide you good business in the near future.


Wish you all good luck.